TRAILER is the icing on Ricardo's cake

  • 17 mei 2023
With the exhibition TRAILER, visual artist and HKU alumnus Ricardo van Eyk wraps up his seven-month residency at HKU Fine Art. The delicately furbished AG exhibition room presents his selection of works by 15 fourth-year students until 3 June.
TRAILER is the icing on Ricardo's cake

With the exhibition TRAILER, visual artist and HKU alumnus Ricardo van Eyk concludes his seven-month residency at HKU's Fine Art department. For the occasion, he selected work of 15 fourth-year students based on his experience during his stay and the common grounds with his own practice. For the exhibition in which Van Eyk combines work by students with his own, he designed an architectural intervention that rearranges AG's space. This intervention is a sequel to his recent presentation Bait/Beet at the Centraal Museum, where he built walls that functioned, among other things, as a support for paintings by co-exhibitor (and also HKU alumna) Janine van Oene. In TRAILER again, the walls determine how the visitor moves through the space. At the same time, they create different atmospheres and contexts within which the works of the exhibitors relate to each other. In this way, Van Eyk connects the diverse artistic qualities and approaches of the participating students, who, with this exhibition, offer a preview of their final exam presentations in June.

The video below has English subtitles available.

AIR Pastoe is a unique artist residency made possible by the generous support of the Keep an Eye Foundation. Since 2021, each year an artist is invited to use a studio at HKU’s location Pastoe Fabriek, for at least three days a week, amid the work spaces of the HKU Fine Art students. During the residency, the artist works on the development of their own work, engages students, and shares their experiences regarding their artistic career.