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Associate degree Design
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Associate Degree (Ad)
2 years
Associate degree

Welcome to the Ad Connected Design

As a Creative Connector, you form the link between spatial designers, clients and users. You might work with an exhibition maker, for example, using a variety of visualisation techniques to present designs. This gives all the stakeholders a good idea of what the exhibition will look like.

By applying new visualisation and presentation techniques, you develop your own creative and communicative style in figuring out the design issue and creating impact. In doing so, you always take account of the people who will be using the space, incorporating their questions or wishes in the details of your design. Through projects and clients, you position yourself as a creative connector in a broad professional field and draw on your entrepreneurial skills.

What is an Associate degree?

The Associate degree (AD) is a legally recognised, two-year course, resulting in a level 5 certificate at higher professional education level. After two years, you can either go on to take a Bachelor’s degree of higher professional education or get straight to work. The course links up well with demand from the business world, the public sectors and the creative industry.

In brief

  • Develop as a creative connector
  • Form a link between spatial designers, clients and users
  • Two-year higher professional education course
  • Practice-based art education
  • Become familiar with a variety of technologies, techniques, materials and creative tools
  • Experiment in workshops
  • Freedom to carve out your own pathway
  • At the heart of society
  • Individual work alternates with collaborations and working on projects with external parties
  • Research and creativity belong together

How do you know the Ad Connected Design is right for you?

This course is right for you if:

  • you want to take your creativity a step further
  • you’re inquisitive about other ways of working than the one you’re used to
  • you can work independently and in a team
  • you’re interested in spatial design and spatial design processes
  • you’re enthusiastic about materials, techniques, technology and design
  • you have a diploma at senior general secondary education level or vocational education level 4, or the equivalent or higher: e.g. a vocational education diploma in interior design, woodwork and furniture making, spatial design or urban green.

This programme is in Dutch only!

Please only apply if you are able to read and write Dutch. To see all details, please see the Dutch language version of this page.

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Associate degree Connected DesignApplication and admissions
Associate degree Connected Design

Application and admissions

Language requirement

The programme is only taught in Dutch. To be enrolled you must meet the Dutch language requirement. Find more information here.

Detailed information about requirements, application and admission, can only be found on the Dutch language version of this page.

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