HKU is researching the ways in which new technology influences the creative process, as well as applications of technology in education.

What we do

Technology in relation to creative production processes, is one of the focus areas of HKU’s research. Such research not only to apply technology and turn it to our own advantage, but also to critically reflect on technological developments and decide how we should relate to them. At HKU, technology is a broad research field involving multiple approaches, from academic to practical, as well as practical questions from teaching practice.

Technology in education

The ‘Virtual Creation in Education’ project is a great example of educational innovation through research. This training programme lets teachers and students create media products in a virtual reality context. This is not just about learning to grasp new techniques but in particular about learning to ask the right educational questions in this new context and to develop teaching methodologies.

What we make

HKU Black Boxes

The combination of practical research and educational innovation has led to the construction of the HKU ‘black boxes’. These are workshops for performative media with opportunities to experiment with motion capture, virtual reality and motion sensors.

HKU curently has four black boxes, on the locations Oudenoord, Janskerkhof, Pastoe Fabriek, and IBB-laan.


The FutureLabs of the Expertise Centre Creative Technology are multidisciplinary inventor's labs where we experiment with current technology. Think about virtual reality in relation to audio design, motion capture for theatre applications, sensors and cameras in virtual spatial design and robotics.


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