Creative Technology

HKU's Creative Technology programme explores new technologies and their applications in arts education.

Technology helps to innovate art. Technological developments create new possibilities for creating and experiencing art. Take virtual reality, for example, or motion capture, robots and 3D printers. These developments are going incredibly fast. HKU wants to lead the way and quickly apply all this new technology in its art education.

Our Creative Technology programme enables us to do so, by conducting research, giving advice and sharing knowledge. We do this together with the schools, locations workshops and IT services. In this way, we can ensure that HKU remains leading in terms of modern facilities, workshops and know-how.

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Our core tasks

  • The Creative Technology Programme studies technological developments, sketches possibilities and shares knowledge and experience about technology in relation to the arts and general creativity. In this way, we stimulate multidisciplinary work formations and show how technology can make the arts better and more beautiful.

  • Well-equipped workshops, studios and rooms are very important to HKU’s education and research. We offer advice to workshop assistants and managers on the purchase of material and technical equipment.

  • Creative Technology Programme brings employees of HKU together, fostering cooperation and learning from each other about how to use and maintain new and existing technology and equipment. We ensure that knowledge is shared within the organisation and that we use new technology sustainably.


Workshop assistant Manon took the training course Didactics for Creative Technology.

Projects and explorations

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