Animations HKU students shown on liberation day festivals

  • 06 mei 2024
How to visualise freedom in an animation? HKU students from various courses pondered this question, resulting in an animation that was displayed on the main stages at the liberation day festivals in Utrecht and Haarlem on 5 May. Together these two cities draw over 150,000 visitors on Liberation Day.
Animations HKU students shown on liberation day festivals
In the two-week seminar Fashion for Freedom, thirteen HKU students from various courses worked hard to create this animation. The result was on display all day long on the screens at the main stages of the Utrecht and Haarlem festivals.

The students used a ‘motion capture suit’ to record their own bodily motions, and then transform them into digital animations. Workshop assistant Simone van Dordrecht: ‘This technology is not used that often yet. For the students, it’s good to have their hands on it at this early stage of its development.’

Virtual textile works

The animation was made with the software systems Clo3D and Blender. Clo3D is a 3D programme that lets you visualise a piece of clothing as a realistic computer animation. It is often used in the commercial fashion industry. With Blender, you can create models, animations, and visual effects.

Studio workshop assistant Manon Egging: ‘We at HKU have increasingly moved towards the digital, in 3D. The students worked with textiles in a virtual 3D environment, where they could project patterns directly on an avatar and add motion to it. There is a lot of future in this method.’

The following students were involved in creating the animation - Okke Dries, Francisco Eltink, Tibbey Flemm, Joshua Getrouw, Frank Groothedde, Dies Herk, Mare Knegt, Arina Kydyrova, Kris Mcdonald, Stan Velde, Isabel Visser en Lucas Weijenborg.
Click here to watch the full animation.