Tracing the Body, Chapter 2 - AG

  • 15/10
  • 05/11
Tracing the Body, Chapter 2 - AG

What started out as a diary collection of scribbly drawings of her painful body parts eventually turned into the first first part of Tracing the Body. In this interactive exhibition, visitors were taken on a journey through the physical and mental functioning of the individual within the surrounding world. Eva invited visitors to pick up a pen themselves and draw the feelings inside their body too. In this second part of Tracing The Body, Emmie Liebregts, Natalia Ossef and Jeltje Schuurmans join the expo to respond on the outcomes of Chapter 1.
Since her graduation at HKU Fine Art in 2009, Eva’s works have stirred up quite some controversy. This resulted in her winning the Royal Award for Modern Painting.

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Tracing the Body, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are part of the CareFull: an art route through Utrecht and surroundings. This route, on display until 30 October, connects art institutions to remarkable locations in and outside the city. CareFull is organised by Stichting Art Utrecht, at the request of the local government of Utrecht, as part of the cultural programme Utrecht 900.