Art manifestation CareFull

  • 09/09
  • 30/10
Art manifestation CareFull

CareFull is an arts manifestation of over 50 artists at more than 20 remarkable locations in and around Utrecht. Stroll through neighbourhoods, gardens and patios and be amazed! 17 of the artists are alumni of HKU.

The manifestation is about ‘care’ in the broadest sense of the word. Care for each other, our environment, nature and for yourself. The participating artists reflect on this current theme: how can we take care of each other, for communities, humanity and nature? The manifestation is also tied to the anniversary celebration of Utrecht 900 and the theme of ‘City Without Walls’.

When admiring the art, you go to some remarkable locations, such as the old city centre, with its courtyards and museums, or places around Utrecht such as Buitenplaats Doornburgh, the mansion at Oud Amelisweerd and the fortresses of the water front museum in the village of Bunnik. See the map and the full programme on the website and compose your own schedule. You can also join the organized walks, workshops, diners and performances.

HKU board member Heleen Jumelet about the manifestation: “It’s a great event! Our students are motivated, talented and engaged with the meaning of art and creatorship for people and society. The theme of CareFull is a clear display of this. Utrecht is growing and an increasingly important pillar of arts and culture in the Netherlands and abroad. An event like this, with the works of our successful alumni, only contributes to this.”

CareFull can be visited for free and lasts from 10 September to 30 October.

More information (in Dutch):

Participating HKU-alumni:
Bart Lunenburg
Jolanda Schouten
Gert Wessels
Stefan Cammeraat
Caz Egelie
Jesse Strikwerda
Lenke Kastelein
Leonie de Bruin
Rianne Snik
Rianne Snik
Jesse Steenkist
Janneke Veerman
Samantha Vlaming
Imke Akihary
Sam Bachy
Fadenka van der Sloot
Robin Krijgsman
P_K_K_P (Parvaneh Karimi en Karen Vantvelt)

The Healer by Bart Lunenburg