R.E.D. Run Embrace Dance

The work

This project stemmed from an intuitive need to translate a transformation process into art. That need, in turn, arose out a realisation that transformation is a key word within my creation processes. The new mentality that developed when I was suffering from burnout was an eye-opener for me and gave me the strength to look, feel, communicate and create afresh. And therefore the perfect opportunity to turn this need into an unforgettable performance.

All this, followed by a growing urgency to provide a new perspective on the concept of burnout. This allows us, as sophisticated people, to determine that burnout involves more than just fatigue, sadness and confusion. As with so many things in our lives, the layering is infinite, which is why it’s important to understand these layers that have yet to be explored, even after the most turbulent times. In order to foster understanding for people in the same situation.

I approach the concept of transformation as an individual’s internal functional development. I involve different groups and use the qualities of the environments that have been essential for my healing. Through various disciplines, including music, dance, fashion, design and live visuals, these different emotions and moments of development become an experience. They contribute to the completeness of the different phases and reflect these evolutions in their own artistic way.

I have divided my overall transformational development into a triptych – three spaces in which my process is translated in a sensory way from the most difficult moment onward.

The maker