Rosa van Walbeek

The work

This work is the next step in my artistic development. I explore the boundaries of the discipline of music and transcend them. This is expressed in a video installation. Individual screens enter into a (musical) relationship with each other.
The theme of the work comes from a feeling of existential loneliness. Your body is your framework, the way in which you perceive the world around you. We try to communicate with this body and with words that we come up with but you can’t get closer to anyone else than that.
The work explores this physical framework of people and how you then relate to other people and the rest of the earth.


Space was the key word in my research. In other words, how do you create space for discovery, emotion, fantasy and reflection in artistic work.

I’ve looked at work by artists in which I experience space. And I looked at my own work: How have I created this (or not) in my own work so far?

My research has resulted in practical and conceptual applications that I now use in the creation of my final examination project.

For example, I use the different kinds of connective tissue that are in the body as a model for how the different elements in my work relate to each other.

And I look at the totality of the work as a space. When the work is complete, not too much or too little, it’s 100%. You need to look at how big a percentage each element takes up. You also have to define the audience’s share.

You can read this research in Research Catalogue.