HKU at the Dutch Design Week

Each year in October, the city of Eindhoven is hosting the nine-day event Dutch Design Week. It’s the biggest design event in Northern Europe, and HKU is always well represented.
HKU at the Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week presents works and concepts of about 2,600 designers to over 350,000 visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. All disciplines in the field of design are covered, both in artistic design and practical applications. The emphasis lies on experimenting, innovation and cross-overs. There’s always special attention for the works and the stimulation of young talents. In this respect, HKU is always well represented.

Class of 23

During DDW, a total of nine recently graduated designers from HKU expose their work in the showcase Class of 23. In this group exhibition, both Dutch and international academies present a selection of graduation projects in various disciplines. The theme of the HKU expo is called ‘Subjects of Change. Embracing Transformation in a Dynamic World’. Visitors are invited to think about the impact of change for individuals, communities and general society.

Class of 23

  • Photography - Synthesize me

    Synthesize Me is a research-based project about the autonomous synthetic systems that roam between the non-physical digital areas and their hardware.

  • Graphic Design - Blueprinting Museum 2.0

    Blueprinting Museum 2.0 takes you on a tour along eight young creatives who present their visions for a virtual museum.

  • Illustration - De Saffier in beeld, jonkies en augies onder één dak

    By using illustrations, Myrthe wants to make other people aware of their surroundings, drawing their attention to places, people and objects that we normally tend to ignore.

  • Spatial Design - Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation is an art installation based on scientific research of the effect that nature has on the human body and brain.

  • Master Crossover Creativity - Verwonderkracht in de jeugdzorg

    Juvenile care is searching for a meaningful system on the human scale. In this design, Eva shows the conflict between the daily unpredictable reality as experienced by a family that receives juvenile care, versus the seemingly manageable and systemic worldview of organisations that offer care. The seeker versus the knowing.

  • Master Crossover Creativity - 'Rooted'

    Art installation ‘Rooted’ along with the corresponding ‘sense cards’ can be used as an intervention to reduce stress inside the waiting rooms of healthcare centres.

  • Fashion Design - Yu kon na sey lanki fu mi pranasi, ma yu no doro na mi lanpe

    Through the means of textile works, Joëlle and Marleen created a conversation piece about slavery, by which they hope to foster connection and imagination.


Innovation lab

Along with the Class of 23 Expo, HKU is further represented by professor Walter van Andel and associate professor Veerle Spronck, from their professorship ‘Value(s)-based entrepreneurship in and by the arts’. They will present their Innovation Labs at the Dutch Design Week: programmes aimed at knowledge development by and for the artistic and creative sector.

Superhero or designzero?

Furthermore, the Dutch book Superhero of designzero? will be officially presented at DDW, written by researcher, teacher and costume designer Joost van Wijmen and researcher Lieke de Kock, about the pioneering work of social designers within healthcare. This publication is a reflection on a social design project in the elderly care. The book is published by HKU Press.

Since 2013, Joost van Wijmen is working in the HKU professorship Performative Creative Processes on the practice-based research project ENCOUNTER, investigating the impact of bodily change on personal identity and the mutual relations between people.

Design Perron, Manifestations and Isola Design

Along with the Class of 23, you can also admire the works of several recently graduated HKU students in the expos Design Perron, Manifestations and Isola Design.

Design Perron Manifestations Isola Design

Tickets and more

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