HKU Meets EYE adds a live music performance to a silent movie, in a yearly collaboration between HKU and EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.
About the project

EYE has a collection of over forty thousand films from all sorts of genres, including silent movies. These are very old movies without sound. It is up to our students from HKU Music & Technology to compose a soundtrack for such a movie. These musical pieces are performed live for the audiences of EYE by the Keuris Ensemble.

The various graduation pathways of Music & Technology join their efforts for this project. After all, it is not just about composing music, but also involves aspects such as sound design and production.

Analysing, composing, rehearsing and performing: composing music for a film is no easy task. In the video (in Dutch) below, students talk about how they approach such a project and how HKU Meets EYE was for them.

The end result always adds a fine extra dimension to the silent film. Each year again. ‘When watching a movie, you want the best possible experience', lecturer Alex Geurink explains. 'With a silent film, the acting is therefore even more expressive. But with the added music, you can truly immerse yourself in the movie.’