HKU at Netherlands Film Festival

During yearly the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), Utrecht is transformed into the movie capital of the Netherlands. And HKU is always represented. Learn more about the works of HKU on NFF by reading this page.

HKU at Netherlands Film Festival

About Netherlands Film Festival


The Netherlands Film Festival is held each year in Utrecht. During this festival, the latest documentaries, short films, animations, games and interactive projects are displayed. Works from HKU students are among the programme each year.

Our graduates are regular participants in the Student Competition, where the graduation works of film and art academies are screened. HKU students and graduates are regularly among the award winners in this competition.

Furthermore, there’s always the showcase Blikvangers (‘Eyecatchers’). This is usually held in October, on a festive day where the graduation works are presented to the broad audience. This year, the event takes place in the NFF week, on Wednesday 27 September 2023. Here the graduation films of the new cohorts of film and animation talents can be admired in the Louis Hartloopercomplex in Utrecht. Tickets are still available.