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Utrechts Conservatorium

Kurt Thomas Course - 11 through 16 July, 2022

The HKU and De Dirigentenwerkplaats Utrecht are once again organising the international Kurt Thomas Course in 2022. It is the summer school for choir conductors!

You can participate at different levels, explore a broad variety of repertoire, and choose between four-day and six-day workshops as well as a range of teachers. There are various workshops and there is a Schola (choir) that focuses on Gregorian chant. Of course this year, too, there will be a grand choir made up of all the participants, which will work toward a performance in the Nicolaïkerk at the end of the week. You can also take part as an intern or as a singer in one of the workshops, the Schola, or the grand choir.

The duration and intensity of your participation is entirely up to you. There are many different options. The Kurt Thomas Course runs from 11 through 26 July 2022 in Utrecht (The Netherlands). The Kurt Thomas Course is a cooperation of HKU and Dirigentenwerkplaats Utrecht.

Kurt Thomas CursusThe Workshop Series
Kurt Thomas Cursus

The Workshop Series

Niveau I

Niveau II

Niveau III

Plus, there are five workshops around specific subjects such as children's choir, repertoire, and interpretation.
Most lessons take place in the afternoon and evening while the grand choir rehearsals are scheduled for the end of the afternoon.

The full programme with all the times and the repertoire will become available in mid-January. You can register from then on!