Rooms for students of HKU Utrecht Con­ser­va­tori­um

Are you studying at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium? Then you are eligible for a room in a house reserved for conservatory students.
Rooms for students of HKU Utrecht Con­ser­va­tori­um
As a conservatory student, you play a lot of music. This makes it extra difficult to find accommodation. Portaal Utrecht and SSH have therefore reserved a couple of premises for conservatory students. There are both rooms in student residences and independent studio apartments.


You can register for accommodation in conservatory premises via SSH. Here, you can play music in a basement with extra insulation, for example.

Register with SSH

Via Portaal

Alternately, you can register for a room in St. Ludgerusstraat, via Portaal Utrecht. These premises comprise mixed accommodation types, in collaboration with the association Tussenvoorziening.

Watch a clip on Portaal about mixed living.
Download all information on Portaal's accommodation
Register for the waiting list

Register for the waiting list at the beginning of your first year of studies

There is a waiting list for conservatory rooms. You can only register from 1 September in the first year of your studies. On average, it takes two years to get a conservatory room. So make sure you look for other rooms, too!