Ludo Didactics

Developing teaching and learning behaviour based on game principles: that is Ludo Didactics. Read more on this page.

What is Ludo Didactics?

Developing teaching and learning behaviour based on game principles: that is Ludo Didactics. Internet and apps are providing new ways to play, communicate and learn. The principles behind Ludo Didactics focus on people, rather than technique. Traditional teaching is often based on content, or material. Ludo Didactics is, instead, based on learning behaviour and the learning experience: the person. So it fits well with thinking in terms of learning results. The Ludo Didactics development programme focuses on applying new forms of learning in education. In both an online and an offline learning environment.

The Ludo Didactics development programme in brief

  • Programme for professionals in education who are interested in Ludo Didactics
  • Focuses on developing knowledge and tools
  • Possibility to attend courses within the development programme
  • Partnerships with companies and institutes involved in educational innovation

Knowledge-sharing within the development programme

The development programme develops and holds courses, with the objective of sharing knowledge. Sometimes, new insight and knowledge are gained as a course is developed, so yet another course can be developed and held.

If a request from the market or from one of our partners doesn't contribute to the objectives of the development programme, then we see whether a fitting solution can be found within our network.


Objectives of the programme

The development programme has two objectives: knowledge development and knowledge sharing. The development programme primarily explores the designing of learning behaviour and the learning experience. The student or pupil's perspective is as important as the role of the lecturer as a designer and the role they have during lessons. The training courses in the development programme devote attention to various game principles and the design process, so you know how to apply them in designing teaching.

HKU aims to broaden, test and spread knowledge of Ludo Didactics, through lectures, training courses and meetings within and outside HKU. There is a lot of interest in this from the educational world. The development programme therefore concentrates primarily on two issues:

  • Increasing capacity: training experts in Ludo Didactics
  • Developing educational products that professionals can use in teaching
  • HKU has a Ludo Didactics expert team. A team consisting of educational professionals keen to continue developing in the field of Ludo Didactics. Would you like to work on educational products, too? And do you like to be inspired by colleagues? Register and drop into one of our playgrounds sometime.
  • Our HKU Ludo Didactics experts regularly present their knowledge on relevant educational stages. One example is skills21kunst, a meeting about the future of art education. In addition, we regularly test new knowledge in workshops with partners from cultural focus schools. We test new knowledge at the inspiration day for the teacher training course at Radboud University Nijmegen, for example.

Book: Ludo Didactics – Designing for Didacticians

Learn how to design education and learning behaviour on the basis of gaming principles.

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