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Bachelor of Art and Economics
Mode of study
Art and Economics
Bachelor of Arts
4 years

Welcome to Art and Economics

Students of Art and Economics are the future, as they combine business insight with creative skills. You think like an artist, but also know how to organise and realise a project. On graduating from this course, you are an explorer, designer and ‘visualiser’ of the future.

Art and Economics in brief

  • Learn the unique combination of business insight and creative thinking on one course
  • Study in an open and pleasant atmosphere, with personal supervision from lecturers
  • Shape your own studies, choosing your own pathways, minors and internships
  • Work during your studies for external clients and already create an extensive network within the cultural and creative industry
Within six months of completing the course, 95% of graduates find a job or set up their own business

When is Art and Economics right for you?

You're bursting with good ideas and you're entrepreneurial and a real go-getter. And you want to put those qualities to good use, in devising a new festival concept, for example, or setting up a sustainable brand of clothing or arranging marketing campaigns for a big music company. Your curiosity and originality stand you in good stead. You meet difficult projects head-on and look for suitable creative solutions. You also dare to make different, unusual choices. You do so independently, but often in a team with your fellow students, helped by your open attitude, guts and good communication skills.

This programme is in Dutch only!

Please only apply if you are able to read and write Dutch. To see all details, please see the Dutch language version of this page.

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Art and Economics Application and admission
Art and Economics

Application and admission

Language requirement

The programme is only taught in Dutch. To be enrolled you must meet the Dutch language requirement. Find more information here.

Detailed information about requirements, application and admission, can only be found on the Dutch language version of this page.

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