Medialabs is an in-depth module within year one and two of HKU Media. All first- and second-year students of all study programmes at HKU Media participate.

Challenge to experiment

During the Medialabs module you will have the opportunity to expand your skills. You will become acquainted with media-wide skills or something very specialized. You learn to apply new skills to your own discipline and to view and question your work from a new perspective. The introduction to a new discipline is intended to enrich and deepen your own field. This way you are better prepared for the situation in the current field. You are challenged to experiment and research to discover what is interesting for you as a maker. The outcome is often indefinable and unpredictable, hence the name lab.


Medialabs are taught every first en fourth block, in semesters 1 and semesters 2 respectively.

Participating educations

Medialabs are a school of Media-wide phenomenon, participated in by first and second year students.

When What
Between 14th of August from 10:00 and Sunday 20th of August until 23:59 Orientation and pre-enrolling in OSIRIS
Monday 21st of August (Note: you will be notified of its outcome after the draw) Draw
Between Wednesday the 23rd of August 10:00 and Sunday the 27th of August 23:59 Post-enrolling
Friday the 8th of September Start Lessons

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Review and assesment

Testing occurs during the lab. Often, it is concluded with an (oral) presentation in which the acquired knowledge is linked to the personal (discipline-bound) work and development process.

  • You will be assessed on the basis of your active participation in the Medialabs meetings, and the implementation of the make, do and discussion exercises that you receive in class and beyond.
  • On the basis of the assignments you demonstrate that you have mastered the (creating/research/thinking/professional) techniques provided at beginner level and that you can make with them.