Into polyphonies unknown - Gaia's Machine

Into Polyphonies Unknown is an entangled net of words and images, a holder of cacophonic thoughts and sensations, a weaving of documents, resonating on multiple scales at once.
Into polyphonies unknown - Gaia's Machine

The publication attempts to polyphonically document the Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship (organized by Gaia’s Machine in 2018) and researches further its topics of ecology and performance. You will find multiple essays, exercises, a manifesto and visual texts throughout. We invite you to cast the net of yourself into the text and join us as we entangle themes such as ecological spectatorship, post-anthropocentric thinking, otherworldly timescales, nonhuman performances and more

About the author

Gaia’s Machine is an artistic research collective researching and developing collaborative methodologies to work and think through ecological issues. In their practice Gaia’s Machine strives to enact and enable dialogue, looking for non-hierarchical ways of (con)fusing science-art, human-nonhuman and theory-practice. Their research projects include the posthuman choreography Still Moving (2018, Amsterdam Fringe Festival), the Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship (2018, Het Huis Utrecht), the artistic research project Sensing Stone (2019, KAMEN Art residency) and the collaborative manifesto writing workshop You are my lifeline, in this lifetime (2020, IMPAKT Festival). In Gaia’s Machine’s practice each new work springs from previous work; as an ongoing process of research and contamination.

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