Phonetic Stories - Ninke Overbeek

Ninke Overbeek is a writer, teacher and editor. This book gives an account of a work process where language, sound and meaning meet.
Phonetic Stories - Ninke Overbeek
What happens if you try to see language and music as equals? If you write and compose in co-creation, without sticking to your own discipline? Not first writing a text or first writing music and then trying to bring them together later, but developing a work process that is radically open. Where there is no linear thinking, simply because the result has no fixed form. What if we go in search of different ways of letting language and music enter into dialogue with one another? When does text become music and when does music turn into text? Can we stretch boundaries, open up registers and rediscover vocabulary, and above all: is it possible to actually create new genres?

Phonetic Stories, a project by Asko|Schönberg and De Tekstsmederij, brings together five composers and five writers. It challenges them to break through the traditional creative process and explore a way of creating for the future.

About the author

Ninke Overbeek is a writer, teacher and editor. For HKU’s Performative Creative Processes professorship, she is also researching the way that creative and ‘free’ writing processes can contribute to academic thought processes. How can you use the process of writing to order your thoughts, gain new insights and reflect on your work? Her insights can be applied in both the academic and the theatre world, and even in writing and language education.

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ISBN: 978 90 6403 9010
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