The Sound Track - Rens Machielse

The Sound Track, by Rens Machielse, is about the power of dialogue, music and sound as a whole.

The Sound Track, by Rens Machielse, is about the power of dialogue, music and sound as a whole, and about designing it for a film, commercial or documentary. The book offers valuable insights to producers, directors, editors and anyone working with music and sound for media.

About the author

Rens Machielse has been working for almost thirty years as a freelance composer for audiovisual media. He was co-owner of a studio for music recordings and audio post production. He was also the director of the HKU Music and Technology school for several years.
During his career, Machielse has composed and produced music for over two hundred media productions (animation, TV fiction, documentary, house style, advertising and film). Various productions received awards for best film score (e.g. Best Original Score New York Festivals 2007).

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Others about The Sound Track

“I now know that this is the book that’s been missing from my shelf for years; crystal clear in structure and presented in plain language. And amazingly complete. A must-read for all professionals."
Bob Zimmerman - composer/arranger

“The Sound Track' is thoroughly readable, packed full of gold-dust knowledge, and strengthened with a backbone of relevant, well-cited literature. After reading through this book for the first time, you will surface, hungry for more insights and cross-section views into the rather secretive industry of audio-visual productions (TV & Film)! (…) Whether you want to work in TV, Film, sound design, composition, Foley artistry, or are just reading as a curious observer, this is a vital piece of reading.”
Tony Halliwell – composer

“Extra bonuses in this book: the open and original approach to the problem of ‘getting stuck’ in front of an empty (or even over-full) page/screen – and the extremely effective tips & tricks generously shared with the reader by the author, who has also worked a lot with students. These methods are therefore also the solution to truly creative problems”
Dimitri Arnauts – composer

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