Eelco Grimm

Eelco Grimm is lecturer and researcher at HKU Music and Technology.
Eelco Grimm is lecturer and researcher at HKU Music and Technology. In the Studio Technology course he covers topics such as acoustics, analogue and digital audio, microphone techniques in stereo and surround. He also coaches graduate students. Eelco's research focuses on loudness normalisation of sounds in the context of television and radio broadcast, internet music and video, personal media players and smart phones and the cinema. For these projects he sits in the P/LOUD committee of the EBU and the Technical Committee on Sound for Digital Cinema & Television of the AES and he chairs the Dutch Broadcasting Loudness Committee. He is member of a small group of industry leading sound engineers such as Bob Ludwig and Bob Katz, gathered under the name 'Music Loudness Alliance', that promotes the use of loudness normalisation toward leading companies in the consumer electronics and software world.

Eelco is co-owner of the high-end professional and consumer audio equipment manufacturer Grimm Audio. He owns the recording and acoustical consulting company Fairytapes. In the past he has been technical editor and editor in chief of the Dutch Pro Audio Magazine. Eelco has developed measurement techniques and surround sound recording techniques. He has produced acclaimed cd's, written a book about optimising professional audio systems.