Emmy Award for HKU alumna Lilian Sijbesma

  • 22 november 2022
The Dutch children’s series Kabam! has received an Emmy Award during the ceremonies in New York. Alumna Lilian Sijbesma (Audiovisual Media) and Floor Paul wrote the scenario for the drama series about the everyday fears of preschool children.
Emmy Award for HKU alumna Lilian Sijbesma
The series, directed by Elisabeth Hesemans and produced by the Amsterdam-based IJswater Films, won in the category Kids: Live-Action. The awards were given to the best tv-programmes produced outside the United States.

Watch the ceremony: 2022 International Emmy® Kids: Live-Action Winner KABAM!

Ten episodes about children’s fears

Kabam! consists of ten short stories, each focusing on another pupil in the class of teacher Mo (Idriss Nabil) with a different personal fear. The series wants to show that “everyone is afraid sometimes, and mostly those fears can be solved”. Last year, Kabam! was recognised by Cinekid festival as best Dutch fiction series. According to the jury of that festival, the creators showed a good sense for “the small social themes that are relevant in the lives of children who are about the enter primary school”.

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Lilian Sijbesma graduated in 2011 at HKU in Audiovisual Media. Since then, she worked on various movies and series. She wrote several episodes of the children’s series 'Dropje', which was nominated for a Kids Emmy Awards in 2020. Currently she is working on her movie debut as writer and director of 'Onder de Blote Hemel' (‘Under the Barren Sky’). The script won in 2018 the Visser-Neerlandia Award for Best non-produced Scenario of the Netherlands and Flanders. Lilian also wrote the scenario for 'Okedoeibedankt' (‘Okay-thanks-bye’), a movie directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk.
Image: 2022 International Emmy® Kids