Art route 'Springplank' in the centre of Utrecht

  • 01/09
  • 04/09
Art route 'Springplank' in the centre of Utrecht

Walk along the graduation works of various disciplines from multiple Dutch arts academies during the Springplank (‘Spring Board’) art route. Recently graduated artists can show their works in the heart of Utrecht to a diverse audience from shoppers to workers and anyone passing by. The goal is to break through the walls of galleries and museums and take the arts to various unique public spaces.

The arts tour is on display for four days and runs right through the city centre of Utrecht. All within walking distance.

Most of the artists themselves are present there as well, so don’t hesitate to have a chat and ask them about their work, for a surprising and inspiring afternoon walk.

The organisation behind Springplank is a group of five graduates from various arts academies in the Netherlands. Their motivation: to get to know the cultural side of Utrecht from inside and outside.

Springplank is made possible by the financial support from the local government of Utrecht and the HKU recovery grants.