Recycling the Image: sculptures at Amelisweerd Estate

  • 22/06
  • 18/09
Recycling the Image: sculptures at Amelisweerd Estate

The estate of Landgoed Amelisweerd and the materials available there, are the starting point for the works created by Fine Art students for the sculpture lane ‘Recycling the Image’.

Along the entry lane to the mansion, there used to be a row of sculptures in former times. The sculpture lane was meant to display the prosperity of the owners to any visitors. To temporarily revive this historic sculpture lane, students of the Fine Arts course are creating new sculptures from the principles of circular economy. They create a new imagery for the future with the materials already present at the estate.

The participating students:
Twan Löwenthal

Hannah Konings

Bob de Bell

Fiona Roempp

Sam Jennen

Guus Holtman

Noud van den Boogaard

Baoyang Zhao

Lotte Elzinga

Opening: 22 June 2022 at 15:00. The sculpture lane is on display until 18 September at Landgoed Amelisweerd.

More info: (in Dutch).