Historical Performance Practice Introduction Course

  • 17/01
  • 19/01
Historical Performance Practice Introduction Course
Historical Performance Practice Introduction Course
The course gives you a chance to follow instrumental and theoretical lessons, correpetition and, if you are preparing for an entrance exam, a try-out.

You can apply if you are a candidate who:
  • Would like to do an entrance exam (preliminary year, bachelor, pre-master or master) for 2022/2023
  • Is advanced on an historical instrument and would like to get introduced to our department otherwise
  • Is advanced on a modern instrument and would like to get introduced to its historical counterpart.
Entrance exams
The entrance exams for our department will take place at the beginning of April 2022. The entrance exams include a theoretical and a practical part for bachelors and a practical part and a talk about your motivation and research for masters.

  • For the Introduction Course: free of choice. For advice from the main subject teacher of choice, please e-mail Ksenija Celner: ksenija.celner@hku.nl.
  • Entrance exams (under the third bullet of the Admission tab).

Teachers and availability
  • Historical violin/viola: Antoinette Lohmann (January 17th - 19th)
  • Historical cello: Viola de Hoog (January 18th)
  • Gamba & violone: Joshua Cheatham (January 17th - 19th)
  • Harpsichord: Siebe Henstra (January 17th - 19th)
  • Recorder: Heiko ter Schegget (January 17th - 19th)
  • Cornetto: Lambert Colson (January 17th)
  • Historical Flutes: Doretthe Janssens (January 18th)
  • Historical oboes: Daniel Lanthier (January 17th - 19th)

Please apply here

The introduction course fee is € 80,-. The entrance exam is free of charge. Deadline for registration for the introduction course is January 10th, 2022. Closing date for registration for the entrance exam is February 1st, 2022.

More information
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If you have any further questions regarding the Historical Performance Department or the Introduction course, please email the department coordinator at: ksenija.celner@hku.nl.