Driving the Green Transition

  • 14/09
  • 15/09
Driving the Green Transition
This is the third in a series of three workshops addressing urgent skills needs in the cultural and creative sectors. It aims to co-create a learning format that provides the skills in need for cross-disciplinary collaborations engaging a wide range of different stakeholders in the green transition.

How can artists and creatives help to build much-needed capacities for implementing change on systems level? The main outcome will be educational modules that indicate and share creative confidence to drive green transformation processes.

Invited guests and participants will discuss skills strategies corresponding to three main themes:

1. What skills are urgently needed in the cultural and creative sectors to adapt to the challenges of the climate crisis?
2. How can skills and competencies in art, culture and creativity effectively contribute to the societal transformation towards sustainable economies?
3. Which skills sets would enable art and culture, heritage and creativity to drive the green transition?


The first day of the workshops will be hybrid (streamed online), allowing both in-person and remote participation. The programme starts at 11:00. The second day will take place from 10:00 – 16:00 and will be limited to in-person participants. Please note that places for in-person participation are limited, therefore registration is required.

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