CYANOTYPES is a community of change, a pan-European project which addresses the Cultural and Creative Industries sector’s needs and skills gaps. Anticipating creative futures. Challenging existing frameworks, we ask what innovative, multidisciplinary structures, strategic interventions and concrete skills development solutions can be adopted across the European CCI ecosystem?

The project gathers stakeholders from all corners of the CCI sector and beyond as it calls for radical change. A shift that recognises the sector's potential for innovation, competitiveness and resilience, that reacts to and rebounds from current global challenges such as global pandemics, digital transition, conflict, and the climate crisis.

CYANOTYPES adopts anticipatory strategies to develop and test a methodological framework that will empower creators to imagine multiple futures, making processes they are involved in today more sustainable, more resilient, and more dynamic. Organised by a triple loop learning framework, this will include changes in how we “learn how to learn”. Through the integration of specific and transversal skillsets, CYANOTYPES will provide context-specific points of entry and respond to disruptive elements into the sector with upskilling and reskilling processes for different stakeholder groups leading to change and innovation in CCI education and training.