Best of Graduates

  • 05/08
  • 17/09

The works of three alumni of HKU Fine Art are currently on display in the Amsterdam gallery Ron Mandos.

Bobbi Essers wants to express her friendships in a safe and comfortable way in the art that she makes. During her studies, she gained such valuable friendships that she wants to keep cherishing them.

The work of Eline Boerma is inspired on physical phenomena, such as the sunlight that is reflected in the water. She aspires to make works that are adventurous and in which you can lose yourself.

In the film by Sjoerd van der Heyden we can see knights, cowboys and pirates on an adventure. His works are a search for a child-like way of playing, with installations, films, drawings and sculptures.

The works of these three Fine Art alumni can now be seen at gallery Ron Mandos in Amsterdam. They have been organising the exhibition Best of Graduates for 15 years, visiting 11 arts academies in the Netherlands in a search for innovative works with a remarkable story. The gallery wants to offer a platform for young artists.

The exhibition, with dozens of works on display, will last until 17 September

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