Live Sessions with Adrienne Florence

Adrienne Tilanus

What do you do if your final exam concert is suddenly called off? You perform from home! Adrienne Tilanus is recording live sessions for her final Jazz & Pop exam at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium.

The work

These are bizarre times. In February I was busy planning my final exam concert. Theater Kikker was all geared up to receive my friends and family on June 11. And now I've been sitting at home for about two months. Everything changed in one fell swoop and the future is uncertain. But I’m not sitting still and, as an artist, I’m trying to use this time to create. I thought about how I could capture my time at the conservatory and all the experiences I’ve gained there in the ‘new normal’. Coming together in a large group won’t be possible any longer and although that makes me a little sad, I’m going to face the challenge by playing music at a distance. In June I’m going into the studio to record some live sessions. With my band, I’ll play my own songs that I was going to present at my final exam. I want a special memento of this time and I’m delighted that this alternative allows me to finish my Bachelor’s with dignity. I also hope to show that music will always inspire and connect us, even at this challenging time.

A live session of our own song ‘Feel Alive’. The song is about the special connection that we experience together when making music. This session was recorded in my living room in collaboration with the guys from Balkonsessies.

De band: Adrienne Tilanus / Cas Heim / Tom Veltien / Naut de Bruin / Dirk Evelo / Bram van de Glind

The Maker