HKU and Utrecht Public Library

The main thread in the collaboration between HKU and Utrecht Public Library is the aspiration to make a social impact.
HKU and Utrecht Public Library are both at the heart of society. Our students tell stories, just like the library does. Both HKU and Utrecht Public Library play an important role in the socio-cultural field. The main thread in their collaboration is the aspiration to make a social impact.


Students of HKU get the opportunity to explore their makership in interaction with new audiences and surprising locations, such as the branches of Utrecht Public Library. In this way, students can develop the corresponding work methods and expand their professional network. Utrecht Public Library wants to inspire Utrecht residents to learn, and showing the learning processes of students is one of those ways.

Library of Utrecht

Utrecht Public Library has a central library and twelve branches across the city, with 1.2 million visitors per year. In addition, the library offers a wide programme of more than 3,000 educational, social and cultural activities.

For more info about this project, contact relations manager Jitske Hirs.


Remix Zuilen (2019)

Students of HKU Music & Technology created a recording studio at Bibliotheek Zuilen for young people, which they opened with a self-made Remix Zuilen.

Springplank (2021)

For Springplank (i.e. spring board), the hall of the new main location of Utrecht Public Library on Neude square was transformed into an exhibition room for HKU students.

HKU maakt Ruimte (2022)

In June, Utrecht Public Library hosted the exhibition HKU maakt Ruimte (i.e. HKU makes room). The programme was a mix of expositions, Q&A with students, seminars, a pop-up store and talk shows with experts, lecturers and students.

Friday Afternoon Concerts Conservatorium (2022)

Monthly free concerts by students of HKU Utrechts Conservatorium.