HKU Awards

The winners of the HKU Awards 2022 are: Manu Huyssen, Kim Winder and Freija Broeren. Marieke van der Burg has won the HKU Prijs of Utrecht municipality. Congratulations to each of you!

The nominations of 2022

Please note that not all artist descriptions in the links below are available in English.

Yuliia Elyas (Master Fine Art), The Essential Labor for Survival
Kim Winder (Interactive Performance Design), U’RE IN
Evelien Jager (Theatre Design), MÁS (CARAS)
Philip Lüschen (MA Scenography), Vagueing The City
Jos Mauro Witteveen Villagómez (Audiovisual Media), Ventanas Abiertas (Una odisea para asimilar el dolor)
Kylian Jonkers en Marchal Mank (AD Digital Media), (Please) Hold it together
Marieke van der Burg (Image and Media Technology), Self Spot
Sytske Nyp (Animation 3D), the SHIFT-BOX
Mahmood Shakuri (Animation 2D), Diversiteit
Fleur van der Linden (Illustration), Building Sinergi
Julia Koenen (Art and Economics), The sounds of Home
Laurie Steenhuis (Art and Economics), Maple op de Molenplaats
Lise van den Brand (Art and Economics), Het Kleding Project
Ceder Rorije (Ad Connected Spaces), THE DIGITAL ART BOOTH
Freija Broeren (Spatial Design), Geruisloos Nabeeld
Sophie Schuurman (Fashion Design), THE RAFTERS
Kick Veldman (Product Design)
Ciel van der Mark (BA Fine Art and Design in Education), Merging with spirit
Sarah Fokke (BA Fine Art), The Watery Body
Siem de Boer (BA Fine Art), I am a thousand kilometers wide
Mandy Nijhof (Photography), When life gives you lemons, squeeze them out in the eyes of your abuser.
Aïscha Kanters (Graphic Design), What The Cl*t?!
Bruno Slagboom (MA Interior Architecture), Slapende Meters
Marieke Pouw (MA Interior Architecture), De Schoolstraat
Willem Abelen (Jazz & Pop), Willem Abelen's FLUX
Silva Westera (Music and Technology)
Kyon Edelenbosch (Music and Technology), Once Upon a Jester
Victor Dissel (Music and Technology)
Timothy Schoen (Music and Technology), PlugData
Inge Kruit (MA Crossover Creativity), Water naar de zorg dragen
Mees Vervuurt (Musician 3.0), STABAT MATER
Manu Huyssen (Historical Performance Practice) Tuin, Muziek!
Marnix Licht, Geoffrey Hendrikx, Joeri Ridder, Myrthe ter Pelle, Erik Wiersma (Games & Interaction), Nomori
Leon van Oldenborgh (Games & Interaction), Polarisatie
Nathan Nieuwenhuizen, Joyce van der Zon, Kai Calis (Games & Interaction), What's Missing? - 5 Stadia van rouw verwerkt in 5 3D omgevingen
Manou IJpelaar, Wouter Kamies, Ruben Hooijer, Rens Kuilman (Games & Interaction), All Hands on Deck Puzzle Design

Last year's winners are:
Koen Boeijinga (BA Musician 3.0), Category Innovation with Koen Boeijinga’s MOA feat. Gamelan Orchestra
Mart Veldhuis (BA Illustration), Category Entrepreneurship with Eigen Schuld
Xiao Xin Zhu (MA of Music, pathway Music Design), Category Artistic Achievement with Project Suru
Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé (BA Fine Art), HKU Prijs Gemeente Utrecht with The Angel-Rose Coloured Glasses
From left to right: Mart Veldhuis, Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé, Xiao Xin Zhu, Koen Boeijinga


The jury of this year is again formed by:
Femke Rotteveel: juryvoorzitter, director Fotodok
Margriet Vollenberg: founder of Organisation in Design
Xavier Vandamme: director Organsiatie Oude Muziek
Kika Sprangers: saxofoniste
Rami Ismaïl: co-founder Studio Vlambeer