HKU and Berlijnplein

HKU is involved in the redevelopment of the area around Berlijnplein, together with cultural, social and innovative organisations and the local government of Utrecht.

From a seven-metre-deep pit to a cultural meeting spot. The future of Berlijnplein (or ‘Berlin square’) is one step closer, now that HKU has partnered with multiple cultural, social and innovative organisations in a cooperation agreement with the local government of Utrecht.

In the coming years, Berlijnplein will be transformed from a cultural site with temporary pavilions into a cultural hub with permanent buildings for culture and entrepreneurs.

Image: Het Lege Atelier

Satellite location

On Berlijnplein, cultural, educational and social entrepreneurs connect the city to the wider society. This creates opportunities for cross-overs and new exciting collaborations. Also involved are students and alumni of HKU: the University of the Arts Utrecht will have a satellite location at the square, which is expected to be finished in 2025.

Creatives & Entrepreneurs

The Berlijnplein project was initiated by the municipality of Utrecht, together with RAUM, De Plaatsmaker, Kanaal30 and HKU. Berlijnplein will have a variety of exhibition and presentation rooms, studios for dance, theatre and music, ateliers, hospitality venues, and workplaces for education and the creative industry. The square will be hosting many artists, creative companies and social organisations.

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