Utrecht Creative Capacity

Utrecht Creative Capacity (CVU in Dutch): a learning network of 30 primary schools and 11 cultural institutions. HKU is a knowledge partner of this network. Based on creative partnerships into which those primary schools and cultural institutions enter, we focus on further developing art education in schools. We also share knowledge with one another.

What is creative capacity?

Trying things out and conducting research using your own imagination and in your own way. And devising and creating new solutions or things. That is what we mean by creative ability. And we feel that is important for children in primary education. We use CVU to encourage the use of creativity in an (educational) environment. We represent creative ability with a diamond: it is multi-faceted and sparkles regardless of which side you look at it from.

Goals of CVU

Giving children the power of creativity at a young age. That is the shared mission of CVU. With the vision: Let children shine!

A summary of the objectives of CVU:
  • Developing expertise in collaboration processes.
  • Methods for developing art education and linking it to HKU.
  • Gathering, developing and expanding new knowledge on creative partnerships and network collaborations. Research, participation in innovative projects and publications.
  • Linking and expanding the internal knowledge of students and lecturers of creative partnerships and network collaboration.
Read more about CVU in this publication or order the book.

Find out more?

If you have questions or want more info, visit the Utrecht Creative Ability website or send an email.

You can find Utrecht Creative Capacity on the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn.