Results Music Design and Interaction

The results of the theme of Music Design and Interaction since 2000 can be viewed here.
Results Music Design and Interaction

What we do

The use of media is becoming increasingly interactive. Examples include games, interactive installations, apps or websites, where users have the possibility of taking control themselves and thus determining the order of events.

For music designers, this is nothing new: the intuitive, non-linear and natural character of sound and music is ideally suited to being used as a means of conveying information and meaning in an interactive context.

In music design, we see research into interaction mainly in domains like:
  • product sound design: for example, games, the sound of appliances (vacuum cleaners and electric cars) and the sonic architecture of our environment.
  • interactieve installaties: sound installations and art to provide an experience for users or to influence their behaviour.
  • datasonificatie: both information and meaning can be conveyed to a user in an alternative way, making it possible to communicate more effectively or provide new insights, as sound is experienced in a different way.

Within these domains, research is conducted into the design parameters for a wide variety of target groups.