Nirav Christophe

Nirav Christophe works with HKU as a professor, researcher and lecturer.
Nirav Christophe
Professor Nirav Christophe writes for theatre and radio. His radio plays have been broadcast in 12 countries. As a theatre writer, he specialises in direct collaboration with other theatre disciplines.
Nirav Christophe is a writer, dramaturge, process consultant, expert in Dutch and internationally renowned teacher and educator of writing. He specialises in the pedagogy of writing for theatre and is an expert in the field of creativity processes, particularly creative processes for theatre. In this field, he is an authority on co-creation and on conducting practice-based research.

In 1992, he founded the first four-year higher education course in writing at HKU. He was the artistic leader of this course for nine years. From 2001 to 2005, he was a professor of Language & Writing. He has been a professor at HKU since 2006, first with the Theatre Creative Processes professorship, and since 2014 with Performative Creative Processes.