European project SACCORD

The European project SACCORD is dedicated to the development of durable ecosystems within the creative industry: local networks that are aimed at a creative industry that is future-proof.

In January 2024, the European project SACCORD started in the city of Matera, Southern Italy. This project also serves as a support for the European project CYANOTYPES, that is working on the development of a toolkit with learning modules for the cultural and creative sectors.

SACCORD is mainly focused on the development of Local Ecosystem Partnerships (LEP’s): ‘ecosystems’ within the creative sectors of Austria, Italy, Czechia and the Netherlands, in which the pilot modules of CYANOTYPES can be tested in practice and then further developed. Within these local networks, participating members are working collectively on ‘upskilling’ and ‘reskilling’ artistic creators. Additionally, the project is investigating whether it is possible and valuable to introduce microcredentials for this purpose.

HKU brings all stakeholders together

During the starting event, organised by Materahub, agreements about the exact approach were made. The main role of HKU in this project is co-creating a model for bringing together all stakeholders at local level, enabling them to start cooperating locally on the development of future-proof competency profiles. In Utrecht, they have already made significant progress in this with the Utrecht Creative Community, of which HKU is also a member. This network of cultural and creative professionals, organisations and educators from Utrecht, is currently testing the first learning modules.

Creative Skills Week in Amsterdam

The project is lead by the Creative Fed, which is the successor of the European Creative Business network (ECBN). Other partners, who all uphold the Creative Pact for Skills are: Materahub, HKU, ELIA, BEDA, CREARE, FCI, and KREP. Network organisation ELIA will organise the second Creative Skills Week this autumn in Amsterdam, with workshops, plenary sessions, network meetings and more.

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