Studio Mantasaur wins Dutch Game Award

  • 10 oktober 2022
Last Thursday, four HKU alumni won the award for Best Student Game at the Dutch Game Awards 2022, with their friendly game All Hands On Deck.
Studio Mantasaur wins Dutch Game Award
With their certificates of HKU Games still fresh in their pockets, they went straight to the next ceremony. The team of Studio Mantasaur, consisting of Wouter Kamies, Ruben Hooijer, Manou Ijpelaar and Douwe Heijmerink were awarded at the Dutch Game Awards. Their two-player game All Hands On Deck, where you both play a hand with little legs and have to solve puzzles together, was this year’s Best Student Game. The jury praised the laid-back, humorous atmosphere of the game and its high production value.

“What a fresh take on local co-op gameplay! The jury never felt rushed by the game mechanics and enjoyed the straightforward and relaxing puzzles. The game comes with a good sense of humour and very polished gameplay. This game felt like one made by developers skilled way beyond their young age. High five!”

The young 3D artists, designer and programmer are very happy with this acknowledgement of their hard work.
The team developed All Hands On Deck during their last year at HKU. They started during a project in which teams of students could freely decide where they wanted to work on. Their cooperation was so positive that Rens, Manou, Ruben and Wouter decided to further expand their cheerful game during their graduation. Rens Kuilman was later invited to work at Paladin Studios and was succeeded by Douwe.

Wouter talks about the pleasant atmosphere in the hallways where they had their own room to work on their dream. “The lecturers were always very enthusiastic and together with the other teams in the hall, we really lifted each other up.” Their ambitious neighbours; Enchanted Works and MIG Studios have now, just like Studio Mantasaur, started their own companies.
The Mantasaur team with their award
Their next goal is to let gamers enjoy All Hands On Deck not only on Windows computers, but on the Nintendo Switch as well. The award that they received on 6 October will definitely help them in this. “Such an award looks good on your website when you approach the publishers”, Wouter adds.

Studio Mantasaur was not the only team of alumni from HKU Games that was awarded by the jury. Sokpop Collective received the award for “Best Innovation” for their game Stacklands.