MA Scenography has a new course leader: Ariane Trümper

  • 26 januari 2021
Ariane Trümper is the new course leader of the Master Scenography (HKU Theatre).
MA Scenography has a new course leader: Ariane Trümper

Ariane Trümper is our new course leader for the MA Scenography (HKU Theatre). Far from being a stranger to the programme, she’s been a tutor for the master course since 2015. On 1 February Ariane follows the footsteps of Henny Dörr, who will keep teaching for the Ma Scenography.

Ariane wants to create an inspiring learning environment, where HKU students can meet each other and the expanded working field. As for specific themes to cover, artistic knowledge, ‘other kinds of knowledge’ and ecological thinking are possible examples. Ariane: ‘It’s interesting to see in what way we can research such themes in our projects. The current situation we’re in, is linked to a system we created over the past centuries. How do we see ourselves in relation to the whole picture of today’s earth? Contemporary scenography explores relational spaces and through staging performative processes it might be able to unravel alternative realities.’

Which direction is Ariane taking the Master Scenography? ‘There is of course already a very clear direction and signature. What I have to offer, is who I am as an artist. Working from a transdisciplinary approach is very important to me, which I will emphasize even more. On top of that, I think one also has to consider the possibilities of digital media and other technologies and the spaces they create. It will help us to transcend a ‘material’ understanding of the realm of scenography. The world a scenographer creates is more than the sum of its objects, it’s a relational universe of ideas and sensuous experiences. A scenographer can create the atmosphere of a space, let you ‘feel’ space instead of primarily show it.’


Ariane Trümper is scenographer and media artist. She studied fashion design in Berlin and accomplished her Master of Fine Arts Scenography in Groningen (2014). In Germany and France she worked for the theatre and film industry. Since 2015 she exposes her own work, which is situated on the intersection between fine arts and performance design.

photo: Sarah Hohmann