HKU signs manifesto against sexual violence

  • 10 november 2022

On Thursday 10 November, chair of the HKU Executive Board Heleen Jumelet signed the ‘Let’s Talk About YES’ manifesto of Amnesty International. In doing so, HKU promises to make efforts against sexual violence.

HKU signs manifesto against sexual violence

Jumelet: ‘This subject is incredibly important. We squarely support this manifesto of Amnesty and its practical consequences. Together we make a stand against transgressive behaviour and attend to proper signaling and assistance.'


No less than 1 in 10 female students and 1 percent of male students experiences rape during their student years, as indicated in a study by I&O Research, conducted on behalf of Amnesty International. This research also revealed that most students don't know how to get information, assistance or file a complaint within their academic institution in cases of sexual violence and rape.


Amnesty International responded by drafting a manifest, together with students, through which institutions can commit themselves to creating a safe environment for students and staff. Various higher education institutions preceded HKU. The signing parties promise to make effortst against sexual violence, and to take measures to ensure that everyone within the educational institute feels responsible for a culture in which sex is based on equality and consent.

Code of Conduct

'By supporting this manifest, we publicly express our intentions to create for a safe learning environment in which students and employees feel at home', Jumelet explains. 'For HKU, this means that we actively continue the training of our employees on the basis of our Code of Conduct, are clear about the boundaries, and create a safe community with and for each other. Providing clarity on where to turn to for advice or assistance, is also an important part of this.'