HKU strongly represented at Prague Quadrennial festival

  • 15 juni 2023
First-year students of the HKU Master Scenography and students of HKU Theatre Design displayed their works this year on the prestigious festival Prague Quadrennial.
HKU strongly represented at Prague Quadrennial festival
Together with students from the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts, they formed a collective and managed to gain a prominent spot in the student exhibition part of the programme.

With dozens of installations from around the world, the four-yearly festival is back this year to serve the Czech capital an extravagant menu of performance design. And HKU was represented with multiple projects.

Ensemble of Elements

What will happen to the theatre practice when we offer the stage to the environment, to collectives that go beyond just human actors and stories? Which aesthetics, stories and narrative methods will arise when we decide to cocreate with the places, elements and things that surround us?
And what is the potential of such practices in the current climate? The student groups explored what it means to bring such collective processes to the stage, from their own diverse local and educational perspectives.
The results of this exploration were presented between 8 and 18 June as an ‘Ensemble of Elements’, in the empty building that was reserved for them to use as exhibition area during the Prague Quadrennial.

Ariane Trümper

Also displaying at this year’s Prague Quadrennial was course leader, artist and scenographer Ariane Trümper, contributing to the Performance Space exhibition.
The work ‘What We Want To Hear’ is an exploration of the potential of auditive rooms. The project is inspired on stories from people who lost their eye sight.

Ariane: “In 2019 I started exploring the potential and possibility of an acoustic stage. One that is not centred on visual perception, but on the auditive. It started from a curiosity for handicaps, which are not purely frames as the loss of a certain ability, but instead as a way to perceive the world in a different, more open way.

PQ’23 also joined the panel discussion, 'Repositioning Scenography' in which she gave a talk about critical evaluations of contemporary scenography in its different forms.

Over Prague Quadrennial

Since 1967, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is a showcase of the best works on the edge between scenography and theatre design. This 15th edition was held from 8 to 18 June. The main location is the Holešovice market, which many programmes that are hosted in the National Gallery and The Academy of Performing Arts. PQ does not only serve as a festival, but has gradually evolved into a platform that explores progressive new art forms, new media, virtual areas and interdisciplinary relations. PQ2023 displays artworks of hundreds of artists from many different countries, curated by an international team of scenographers and designers in the theatre and performance arts.

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