NIME 2024 in Utrecht

  • 02/09
  • 06/09
NIME 2024 in Utrecht

During NIME24, experts in music technology, researchers and musicians gather in Utrecht (and online) for a week, to exchange knowledge on themes such as interface design, human-computer interactions, and electronic music.

NIME24 is spread across various locations in Utrecht, including the HKU locations IBB-laan and Oudenoord, the Conservatorium and the Theatre school, as well as music venues TivoliVredenburg, EKKO and the creative breeding ground De Nijverheid.

Early bird – student* €119
Early bird – regular €399
Early bird - online only €109
* Entry with a student ticket is only allowed after showing a valid student ID card.

Note: early bird tickets are available up to 1 June. After this date, regular tickets are sold.

NIME is organised by three institutes: HKU, Gaudeamus and Sounds Like Touch.

Theme of NIME24

This year’s edition focuses again on the permanent theme of tactility, which has always been a fundamental aspect of this conference since it started in 2001. The intimate (felt) experience of creating music seems to be at odds with the increasing separation in the world. From the logic of sustainability, we are forced to be more sensible about the (polluting) travels of artists and scientists. Participants of NIME are encouraged to investigate this (presumed) contradiction between the intimate experience and physical distance between people.