News from the Future

Misha Bleijs, Michelle Zhang, Sofie Stoop, Lotte Beaart, Manuel van Sijl, Pepijn Jonkhans, Ricky van der Zandt, Lotte Raida en Romy Elling

News from the Future

About the expo News from the Future

The waste that remains after use, overconsumption and the pollution of our waters: these are only a few of the urgent issues confronting the modern-day fashion industry. As part of a new educational programme, designed by the Fashion For Good Museum, several upcoming talents demonstrate their innovative perspectives on the fashion industry of the future. Among them are Dutch fashion students (from HKU, Saxion, Rijnland, and Zadkine) together with the upcoming fashion brand .Dolkrey and fashion magazine / platform Current Obsession.

An exhibition that encourages you to think and explore, question and challenge your own convictions about what the future of fashion should look like.

About the museum

The Fashion for Good Museum is an interactive fashion museum for the future of fashion, where stories are told about the clothing you wear and how your choices can have a positive impact on people and the planet.