Movement & Sound

First-year students Musician 3.0

  • 31/10
  • 05/11

In the project week Musician & Sound, first-year students of Musician 3.0 will start five days of creation in Muziekhuis Utrecht from Monday 31 October onwards. The theme: what kind of creation process do you get when we don’t work with our mind, but with our body? This results in 24 short performances, no longer than 3 minutes each, that can be seen on Thursday 4 November in Muziekhuis Utrecht.

Your body is your main instrument: that’s the principle of the project week Movement & Sound. Students explore their own bodies during a movement training, as well the bodies of others and the space they share together. When we are more conscious of our own senses, do we also move differently, listen to each other differently, and make a different kind of music?

Students work on their own performance throughout the week and invite one or more fellow students to join them. They are working multidisciplinary; some students will be busy with music, others with movement and/or dance, while some will use text, video projections or a combination of these. The results of their exploration are presented on Thursday 3 November in Muziekhuis Utrecht.