Jazz meets Hiphop

.multibeat and guest teacher Ivan Peroti together with jazz & pop students unlock a world of freestyle and improvisation

  • 11/11
Every musician knows it: sometimes a jam session is brimming with inspiration, sometimes it bleeds miserably to death. What exactly is that, a nice groove and good flow? How do you tune all the instruments and vocals in a band to create a magical mix, when words become sentences, individual notes become music and 1 and 1 together makes 3?

Five alumni of HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, three of them united in collective .multibeat, and guest teacher Ivan Peroti dive into the wonderful world of improvisation, together with Jazz & Pop students of all years. They do this by listening to many covers and imitating them in their own musical signature, but also by creating new work they have written themselves. The students will form several bands during the week; each day workshops and training sessions take place, culminating in a final concert in K108 on Friday 11 November.

Alumni involved are:
  • .multibeat: the musical collective of Boudewijn Pleij (keys), Aron Smit (drums) and Thijs van Zutphen (bass). With .multibeat, Boudewijn Pleij won a coveted HKU Award in the Entrepreneurship category in 2021.
  • Lauran Neerincx (trumpet)
  • Lorijn von Piekartz (guitar)
They are joined by guest teacher and singer Ivan Peroti, who has made his mark in the music world since 1986.