Cuencos Concert

Annabel Schouten, Lucas Jansen and Gemma Luz Bosch

Sound adventurer Gemma Luz Bosch single-handedly dived into the clay and developed for the KunstKoers the installation Cuencos consisting of 3 hanging ceramic singing bowls. These will be performed live on December 17. A concert in which the musicians will extract different timbres, timbres and textures from the resonating Cuencos.

Since 2019, Gemma Luz Bosch has been researching the sound of clay and has become fascinated by the wealth of sound colors you can generate with this natural material. Since the opening of the Kunstkoers, she already had the desire to write a composition for her installation.

Dec. 17 will open three new exhibitions: in The Tunnel, EXboot and Kunsthal Kloof. For this evening, Gemma is developing a minimal music composition to be performed by: Annabel Schouten, Lucas Jansen and Gemma Luz Bosch.

About KunstKoers:
KunstKoers is an annually changing outdoor exhibition on the quay of De Nijverheid. The opening of KunstKoers took place on June 3, 2022. And will remain in place through the fall of 2023.

Participating artists of 2022 are:
  • Babs Bleeker
  • Nadine van Veldhuizen
  • Paul Klinkenberg
  • Art van Triest
  • Bart Schalekamp
  • Esther Hoogendijk
  • Annebel Vernooij and Thomas Klein Horsman
  • Gemma Luz Bosch
This concert is made possible by Recovery funds from the city of Utrecht.