Academic Plan 2019-2024

HKU is changing and developing in all sorts of areas. Our networks and modern education facilities mean we can give students the best possible preparation for professional practices of the future. The academic plan for 2019-2024 sets out this mission and the associated ambitions. Read more about the plan on this page.

HKU on the road to 2024

HKU education is greatly valued in today’s society. We focus on themes that are important and relevant in a continually changing society, which means our students are highly sought-after in diverse professional practices. We give them the best possible preparation for the future, by providing top-quality education.

The students, the HKU staff and the professional field need new forms of education in order to broaden their knowledge. HKU provides them with a rich learning environment, in which technological developments form an important and essential part, and learning and working are combined. Such an environment demands active participation from the students. They dare to experiment, learning from setbacks and successes, and develop into outstanding artists and creative professionals.

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Themes in the academic plan

Our ambitions for the period 2019-2024 are based on six themes.
  • HKU trains creative professionals. They can operate smoothly in various roles and professions required by our dynamic society.
  • People studying or working at HKU are right at the heart of our changing society and are always looking outwards. We forge links with external partners and have shared agendas.
  • The job market and professional practices are changing rapidly. This requires new forms of education that bring learning and working closer together. HKU develops education in which students and professionals learn together.
  • Technology plays an important role in our creative processes, so we integrate technological developments into our education and research.
  • HKU students and staff are active participants in our education and work. They are responsible for themselves and also for the HKU community.
  • Everyone at HKU has a learning and responsive attitude. As we always learn and work together, HKU is able to develop rapidly.