Articles of Association and Regulations

HKU complies with the ‘Code for Good Governance’ from the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, a tool for good management and supervision in the education sector.

Executive Board and Supervisory Board

The board of HKU has been established in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act. On the basis of the ‘Code for Good Governance’, the Executive Board is responsible for the management of HKU. The Executive Board gives account to the Supervisory Board. The members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are remunerated in accordance with the guidelines of the ‘Code’, as stated in the financial annual report (Dutch version only).

Good governance

HKU aspires to good educational management, also referred to as good governance. The principles of good governance are set out in the ‘Code for Good Governance’ (in Dutch only). If you would like more information about the regulations:

Take a look at the 'Code for Good Governance' (Dutch)

Social safety

HKU aims to provide a safe environment, in which students and staff treat one another with respect and are able to learn and work in a pleasant and productive study and work atmosphere. Professional standards of conduct form a crucial part of this. We believe that intimidation, sexual harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination and bullying have no place in this culture and are inadmissible. An Integrity Code and Regulations to prevent and combat unacceptable behaviour are in place at HKU. A HKU Code of Conduct is currently being developed, which sets out the core values concerning acceptable behaviour and integrity.

The HKU Code of Conduct is part of HKU’s policy regarding social safety. HKU takes reports of unacceptable behaviour very seriously. Students and staff can go to one of the four confidential counsellors, who are the points of contact for anyone who is confronted with unacceptable behaviour in their studies or work situation. Students can also go to the student counsellors, who can refer them on if necessary. We are also putting extra effort into creating a more diverse and inclusive university of applied sciences, with a Diversity and Inclusion action plan.

Along with the whole higher arts education sector, HKU strives for social safety and endorses the statement in which the sector as a whole expresses its belief in an even safer working and learning climate.

Gender Equality Plan

As part of the ongoing efforts being made by the European Commission in the field of gender equality, the Gender Equality Strategy requires organisations participating in the Horizon Europe framework programme to have an institutional gender equality plan. HKU has an ambitious Diversity & Inclusion Plan and the gender equality plan outlined below is a welcome addition to this existing policy context.

Take a look at the plan

Whistle-blowers’ regulations

HKU has whistle-blowers’ regulations for reporting abuse and irregularities.

View the regulations

Code of Conduct

HKU follows the Code of Conduct International Student in Dutch Higher Education. By signing the Code of Conduct, HKU offers international students a guaranteed quality in its information, recruitment, selection and counselling procedures.

Read the Code of Conduct