Articles of Association and Regulations

HKU complies with the ‘Code for Good Governance’ from the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, a tool for good management and supervision in the education sector.

Executive Board and Supervisory Board

The board of HKU has been established in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act. On the basis of the ‘Code for Good Governance’, the Executive Board is responsible for the management of HKU. The Executive Board gives account to the Supervisory Board. The members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are remunerated in accordance with the guidelines of the ‘Code’, as stated in the financial annual report (Dutch version only).

Good governance

HKU aspires to good educational management, also referred to as good governance. The principles of good governance are set out in the ‘Code for Good Governance’ (in Dutch only). If you would like more information about the regulations:

Take a look at the 'Code for Good Governance'.