6 tips for choosing a minor

Tips from students // Which minor will you take?

Planning to start a creative minor at HKU in September, but not sure yet which one? Here we present several tips from students that can help you make the right choice.
6 tips for choosing a minor

Haven’t decided on a minor yet because of the many options? No stress! The following tips from minor students Noor, Demi and Iris will help you decide which minor is perfect for you.

Tip 1 // Think in advance what you want to learn

When minor student Demi had to make her choice, she first explored the whole Kies op Maat website. She found it very helpful, but got confused sometimes by the overload of info. After all, there is much to choose from and that means you have to be sure what suits you. And more importantly: which skills/knowledge do you want to develop?

What really helped for her, was writing down in advance what she wanted to learn, so she could keep that in mind when browsing through the options. Eventually she had selected three minors on the basis of her goals. From those three, she was admitted to two of them. Eventually she decided on the minor Design for Social Change.

Tip 2 // Make sure that you are well informed and visit the minor market

Minor student Noor indicates that she had already been going to various information sessions about the minors since her second year. For help with selecting, explanations of the procedure, and learning what’s possible when taking a minor at HKU. Moreover, HKU organises a yearly (online) minor market in or around February. Visit the market to hear various minor professors about their minor.

Tip 3 // Ask former students about their experience

Minor student Noor had already heard various stories from elderly students about the minor International Arts. Therefore, she was enthusiastic about this international minor from the very start and already had some idea of what to expect. Naturally she also went to look at Kies op Maat, where she also learned about the available external minors. She then made a list of favourites and decided from there what was important for het future development.

Tip 4 // Take your time

Noor’s most important tip: take the time for searching and selecting a minor. Just spend a whole evening behind your laptop to just slowly scroll through the many options.

When you have found a few options that seem interesting, make a list and narrow down your choices from there. Also remember what you have enjoyed in the past and what motivates you. Don’t forget that this is your chance to select a minor that may not be directly related to your own studies, but to a fascination, hobby or interest you have. If you stay true to yourself, you will eventually make the right decision.

Tip 5 // Think about the future and get what you need from it

Minor student Demi emphasises that you should know clearly in advance what you want to learn and what not. This makes it easier to decide which minors suit you.

Moreover, try to use the minor in such a way that you can always gain from it what you need. Maybe you won’t end up doing the minor you had planned, but can still apply the minor in such a way that it will make for an interesting semester.

Finally, try to start the minor with an open mind. It might be much more enjoyable than you had expected!

Tip 6 // Go for a creative minor

Are you studying somewhere that does not provide enough opportunity to develop yourself creatively? Then the minors at HKU are a perfect way to boost your creativity. Student Iris was quite nervous at first about studying at an arts academy, but that feeling had completely disappeared by the end. ‘Studying at HKU exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very helpful and all my fellow students were surprisingly motivated and ambitious.’

HKU lets you choose 4 English minors (and 11 Dutch minors). See the options here. NOTE: enlist before 10 June via Kies op Maat