Composting as artistic practice

Gerardo Gomez Tonda

Composting is a practice of soil renewal. As artistic practice, composting works and thinks through forms of belonging. It takes place in form of eco-social collaborations, investigating the relationship to land and multispecies encounter.

The Work

Origin Stories explores articulations, relations and narratives of belonging, and takes the conditions of exile and displacement—forced or voluntary—as a point of departure. Himself a migrant in the Netherlands, and coming from a family of exiles who fled the Spanish civil war and built a new life in Mexico, Gerardo Gomez Tonda brings together personal stories and research. This, together with the concrete challenge of finding belonging in a particular, physical space, opens up a performative stage for participation and collaboration. A flooded town, his family archive, a fish invasion, waste. These are some of the motives that invite the audience to participate in the work. These are some of the questions that guide his work: ‘Is it possible to rearticulate be/longings?’, ‘How to let go of the lingering smell of remote soils, and root ourselves in the here and now instead?, ‘How to treat toxic sites of belonging?’, ‘Can we imagine/build an inclusive form of belonging?’

Photo-credits: Chun Yao Lin and Alëna Vinokurova

The maker