Your health is the most important thing you have. Register with a doctor, do the health test and take a look at our tips for staying health as a student.

Register with a doctor

Have you moved to Utrecht? Then register with a GP here. You can do that via Huisartsen Utrecht Stad, for example.
Find your new GP

Study problems due to illness

Do you have health problems? Are they causing problems with your studies? Then contact the student dean.

Not feeling good about yourself?

What do other students do when they don't feel well or don't feel good about themselves? How do they deal with stress? How does that affect their studies and their student life?
26 students talk about their personal experiences with fatigue, stress, emotional exhaustion and gloominess.
Read their stories on Ik-Student

Answers to health questions

At you can find good tips for mental and physical health, information on studying skills, clarifying study tests and more.
Explore Healthy Study Habits (in Dutch)

Exercise to stay fit

There are plenty of facilities for exercise in Utrecht, including student associations.
Read more about exercise in Utrecht

Test your health

How do you score in terms of health, lifestyle and quality of life? Compare yourself with fellow students and get feedback.
Do the test at Studentengezondheidstest (Student Health Test)